An Interesting Run

A quick note to follow up on this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix – the fourth race of the season produced the third 1-2 finish of the season. While this is rare enough in itself, I do not believe that there has ever been a season in the World Championship that has afforded Formula 1 three 1-2 finishes from three different teams in such a short space of time (although I have not researched this – I am working from memory).
Although circumstances outside of race control have dictated these results (rain, car failures, odd qualifying sessions), it still stands as an impressive record.  The race conquering doubles are as follows:
  • Bahrain (Round 1); Alonso / Massa (Ferrari)
  • Malaysia (Round 3); Vettel / Webber (Red Bull)
  • China (Round 4); Button / Hamilton (McLaren)
It seems unlikely that any other teams at present the ability to secure a separate 1-2 finish – Mercedes don’t quite look to be there yet in terms of raw pace and Schumacher still doesn’t seem to be quite there with his car and it would take a huge rate of retirement to see any of the midfielder’s claim a 1-2, but one can always dream.

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