2010 Formula Renault UK Race of Brands Hatch (Round 6, May 2nd)

Pa'l Kiss took the long way around Blomqvist... © ITV

Hungarian teenager Tama’s Pa’l Kiss led the 2010 Formula Renault UK Championship as the series went into the third weekend of the year, this time at the famous Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit.

However instead of two races for the junior championship, it was reduced to just one, with Round 5 being postponed due to adverse weather conditions.
And it was wet. Although the BTCC’s, the various Ginetta’s and the Porsche Super Cup races were able to go ahead, there was simply far too much standing water on the circuit for the Saturday race to run the Formula Renault machines.

Come Sunday, the worst of the weather conditions had passed and while the outer lanes of the track remained damp and potentially treacherous, a clear dry racing line had also evolved over the course of the day.
As the final event running, it should have been no problems for polesitter Lewis Williamson – all that was needed was a good start, a steady pace and there should be no trouble. All that was needed was for him to stay off the wet stuff…

Indeed the first start of that plan came together – Williamson got away untroubled by trailing traffic; he simply left the gaggle to fight amongst themselves. Fellow front-run man, Tom Blomqvist appeared sluggish off the line, instantly losing 2nd spot to Will Stevens and very nearly falling behind the fast starting Nick Yelloly; behind them, an impatient Pa’l Kiss remained 5th off the line.
This was an important race for Pa’l Kiss, Stevens and Williamson – Harry Tincknell, currently 2nd in the title hunt, was starting last following a throttle failure in qualifying and this could be the opportunity to destabilise his chances.

Knowing how important this race was would give Stevens an extra charge and by the end of the opening lap, the young man had stolen 2nd place from Blomqvist. Pa’l Kiss was also on the move – on the third tour, the Hungarian had taken Yelloly for 4th and set his sites on Blomqvist. A series of fast laps later and by the sixth lap, Pa’l Kiss was on the rear wing of the Swede and attempted a brave move around the outside of Blomqvist into the first corner; however the Fortec driver held on.
…once, but not twice. Next time by, Pa’l Kiss tried the same move again, only this time initiated it earlier on the start/finish straight enabling a much faster run into Paddock Hill Bend – 3rd place.

...and nearly threw it all away with a spin a few laps later. © ITV

Pa’l Kiss very nearly blew though on the tenth lap. As the Atech GP driver was busy catching Stevens in 2nd place, the championship leader went wide onto a wet patch and was flung from the track and onto the grass run-off area. For a brief moment, the car looked like it might lift as it stuttered over varying surfaces, but it kept spinning around – and back onto the circuit. Despite his trip, Pa’l Kiss’ advantage over Blomqvist was enough to see his emerge from the incident still in third.

Sadly for Williamson, he didn’t have the same fortune. Leading every lap with ease and heading to an excellent win, the Manor Competition driver let his concentration dip coming through the second-to-last corner on the final lap and speared off the circuit, handing the win to team mate Will Stevens. Williamson emerged from his adventures unscathed, but he had dropped to seventh place and with only one corner and a straight remaining, seventh is where he would remain.
Williamson’s off elevated Pa’l Kiss to an unexpected 2nd, while Blomqvist claimed his first podium with 3rd place ahead of Yelloly and David McDonald. Tincknell recovered well enough to take 6th spot, while Alex Lynn, Jessie Laine and Victor Correa rounded off the top ten.

Stevens’ victory brings the Englishman well into contention in the title hunt, as he now trails Pa’l Kiss by five points; however both Tincknell and Williamson have fallen a little behind and will need good results at the next meeting at Oulton Park.

2010 Formula Renault UK Championship (Round 6, Brands Hatch)
1. Will Stevens         Manor Competition        12 laps
2. Tama’s Pa’l Kiss     Atech GP                  +6.677
3. Tom Blomqvist        Fortec Motorsport        + 7.603
4. Nick Yelloly         Atech GP                 +10.895
5. David McDonald       Team Firstair            +23.011
6. Harry Tincknell      CRS Racing               +24.395
7. Lewis Williamson     Manor Competition        +24.683
8. Alex Lynn (G)        Fortec Motorsport        +25.480
9. Jessie Laine         Mark Burdett Motorsport  +25.936
10. Victor Correa       CRS Racing               +26.275
11. Ollie Millroy       Fortec Motorsport        +26.536
12. Thomas Hylkema      Manor Competition        +35.439
13. Fabio Gamberini (G) Mark Burdett Motorsport  +35.865
14. Michael Lyons       CRS Racing               +36.238
15. Marlon Stockinger   Atech GP                 +36.761
16. Robert Foster-Jones CRS Racing               +46.307
17. Joe Crook           Scorpio Motorsport       +46.548

2010 Formula Renault UK Championship (Round 6, Brands Hatch)
1. Pa’l Kiss   142 points
2. Stevens     137
3. Tincknell   130
4. Williamson  112
5. Blomqvist   101
6. Millroy      68

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