Testing Times

Apparently Formula 1 may be introducing two extra test session from next year onwards. Testing was originally curtailed for both economic and practical reasons – the costs had simply soared and getting cars to Spain on a regular basis proved to be a drain on many squads.
However teams would often perform mid-season tests at a track approximately ten days prior to a Grand Prix being run at a venue and that in itself resulted in many a dire race, as the teams had already sussed the track and its conditions prior to the event being run.

At the time there were many complaint from fans, especially those paying expensive numbers to a Grand Prix weekend as Friday practice sessions essentially became tumbleweed cities. The modern testing restrictions have helped that immensely as teams have been left with little choice, but to run on the opening days of race weekends.
While it is nice that at least there is “some” reintroduction of testing Formula 1 should best try to avoid returning to its former testing schedule – if only for its fans sake.

Along with the four tests in Spain in February, Bahrain may be added to the schedule in early March with an addition running potentially in Abu Dhabi following the conclusion of this season.

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