Get Well Soon Sir Jackie Stewart

© Cathal McNaughton

The F1 and Motorsports Archive would like to extend best wishes to three-time Formula 1 World Champion, Jackie Stewart, who fell ill on a flight from Geneva to London yesterday afternoon.

Stewart, also one of the leading pioneers for safety in motorsports since the mid-1960’s, complained of chest pains, before temporarily slipping into unconsciousness nearing the end of his flight. The famous Scot was tended to by the airline staff and was later taken to hospital for tests.

Along with the likes of Professor Sid Watkins, Dr Steve Olvey, Dr Terry Trammell and numerous others, Stewart sought to improve the level of safety of circuits in order to ensure the survival of drivers.
Only when one sees the list of fatalities in Formula 1 in the 1960’s and 70’s alone, can one truly appreciate how safe the modern formula is. Stewart also helped to instil a safety mentality within the sport that rides high to this day.
That there have been no fatalities and relatively few serious injuries since 1994 is a testament to Stewart’s tireless work.

A legend and a hero to many; get well soon Sir Jackie.

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