Picture of the Day #006

It is all in the expression.

Although much of his face is covered by his blue, yellow and red Schuberth built helmet, the giveaway is the small window that betrays his eyes. Combined with ever so downcast eyebrows and slightly slumped shoulders, it is clear that Fernando Alonso is a worried man.

As tails of woe continue to align themselves to Ferrari, it was quite apparent after qualifying for the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix that not only were Red Bull a long way ahead of the Scuderia, so were McLaren.
Where Red Bull’s advantage was a known quantity, McLaren’s lead over the boys and girls in red must really hurt. Even the Renault pairing of Nick Heidfeld and Vitaly Petrov seem threatening in the distance.

Ferrari do appear to be somewhat lost as to where the Italia 150º is losing out and that is never a nice situation to find oneself in. Comments of going back to Fiorana to have a look at the data collected thus far is an obvious start, but if the team are struggling to suss out where exactly the car is going wrong, then 2011 may well be a long year for Formula 1’s most famous team.


2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day #006

  1. I guess if you spend your time constantly renaming the car and writing cutting press releases about it rather than concentrating everything on winning this is what happened. Now had they titled the car Ferrari 2011 world champion who knows what would have happened.

    1. I think they went wrong when the initially named the new Ferrari after a pick-up truck!!

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