A Day of Rage Beckons

Following the reinstatement of the Bahrain Grand Prix on Friday, Formula 1 cannot ignore the potential trouble that comes with it.

Unsurprisingly, a “day of rage” has been planned for the day of the Grand Prix (October 30th). The action calls the people of Bahrain’s cities and towns to show their anger and displeasure toward the government.

In terms of international attention, the Grand Prix is the only event on Bahrain’s sporting or entertainment calendar that truly focuses the eyes of the globe onto the small country.
What better platform for charged protests to be held and for political messages to be sent; however should events turn bloody, Formula 1 may never be able to wash the stains away.

This story still has a long, long way to go and many strands are still developing even now. There may be further revelations this week, especially after the teams in Montreal, prior to the Canadian Grand Prix.

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