British Formula 3 In-Season Testing (Nurburgring, July 1st)

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Carlin pair Kevin Magnussen and Felipe Nasr made free practice for the British Formula 3 visit to the Nurburgring their own yesterday.

Opening to a damp track, the early running would see Nasr set a best of 2:10.082 – half-a-second quicker than next up Magnussen and a full 1.5 seconds faster than William Buller (3rd, Fortec) and Pipo Derani (4th, Double R).
Despite the poor conditions, plenty of laps were run, with Buller and Fortec teammate Lucas Foresti completing the most mileage, setting 18 laps apiece.

Come the second session, Magnussen returned the favour. On a drying track, the Dane ran the Nurburgring quickest with a 1:53.965 – some six-hundredths faster than Nasr’s best.
Three more Carlin runners (Carlos Huertas, Jazeman Jaafar and Rupert Svendsen-Cook) filled out the top five, while Hywel Lloyd claimed a surprise 6th for Sino Vision Racing, albeit nearly seven-tenths adrift of Magnussen.

In both sessions, Bart Hylkema (T-Sport) proved to be quicker than Rookie Class rival Kotaro Sakurai (Hitech).

The morning session saw a new and returning pair of names to the time sheets. Antonio Felix da Costa and Pedro Nunes joined Hitech Racing and will be staying for the duration of the weekend. The GP3 Series runners are preparing for their visit to the famed Nurburgring circuit later this month for the fifth round of the series.
While this is da Costa’s début in a British Formula 3 car, the Portuguese pilot has had previous experience in Formula 3 Euroseries. Nunes took part in a single round of the 2009 British Formula 3 Series with the now departed Manor Motorsport.

Session 1
Pos Driver Team Time
 1. Felipe Nasr             Carlin-Volkswagen    2:10.081
 2. Kevin Magnussen         Carlin-Volkswagen    2:10.546
 3. William Buller          Fortec-Mercedes      2:11.489
 4. Pipo Derani             Double R-Mercedes    2:11.590
 5. Antonio Felix da Costa  Hitech-Volkswagen    2:11.605
 6. Adderly Fong            Sino Vision-Mercedes 2:11.638
 7. Rupert Svendsen-Cook    Carlin-Volkswagen    2:11.742
 8. Harry Tincknell         Fortec-Mercedes      2:11.993
 9. Jack Harvey             Carlin-Volkswagen    2:12.211
10. Carlos Huertas          Carlin-Volkswagen    2:12.329
11. Pietro Fantin           Hitech-Volkswagen    2:12.426
12. Jazeman Jaafar          Carlin-Volkswagen    2:12.598
13. Menasheh Idafar         T Sport-Volkswagen   2:12.709
14. Lucas Foresti           Fortec-Mercedes      2:13.011
15. Scott Pye               Double R-Mercedes    2:13.129
16. Bart Hylkema            T Sport-Mugen Honda  2:13.892
17. Hywel Lloyd             Sino Vision-Mercedes 2:14.374
18. Pedro Nunes             Hitech-Volkswagen    2:14.772
19. Yann Cunha              T Sport-Volkswagen   2:15.084
20. Fahmi Ilyas             Fortec-Mercedes      2:15.161
21. Kotaro Sakurai          Hitech-Mugen Honda   2:16.029
Session 2
Pos Driver Team Time
 1. Kevin Magnussen         Carlin-Volkswagen    1:53.965
 2. Felipe Nasr             Carlin-Volkswagen    1:54.025
 3. Carlos Huertas          Carlin-Volkswagen    1:54.166
 4. Jazeman Jaafar          Carlin-Volkswagen    1:54.260
 5. Rupert Svendsen-Cook    Carlin-Volkswagen    1:54.424
 6. Hywel Lloyd             Sino Vision-Mercedes 1:54.642
 7. Harry Tincknell         Fortec-Mercedes      1:54.650
 8. Scott Pye               Double R-Mercedes    1:54.906
 9. Pipo Derani             Double R-Mercedes    1:54.908
10. Pietro Fantin           Hitech-Volkswagen    1:54.953
11. William Buller          Fortec-Mercedes      1:55.097
12. Antonio Felix da Costa  Hitech-Volkswagen    1:55.182
13. Lucas Foresti           Fortec-Mercedes      1:55.184
14. Pedro Nunes             Hitech-Volkswagen    1:55.221
15. Adderly Fong            Sino Vision-Mercedes 1:55.264
16. Jack Harvey             Carlin-Volkswagen    1:55.348
17. Fahmi Ilyas             Fortec-Mercedes      1:55.857
18. Menasheh Idafar         T Sport-Volkswagen   1:55.928
19. Yann Cunha              T Sport-Volkswagen   1:56.075
20. Bart Hylkema            T Sport-Mugen Honda  1:56.503
21. Kotaro Sakurai          Hitech-Mugen Honda   1:57.956

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