Red Bull Powering Around Austin

With the Circuit of the Americas readying itself for its first Grand Prix in just over thirteen months time, Red Bull Racing busied itself filming at the Texan arena.

Last month – around the same time the team were filming a segment with Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise – Red Bull also ventured to the southern state to capture former driver David Coulthard raising dust and dirt in Austin.

Opening on ranch, the Red Bull powers out of horse shed (geddit – horsepower? Boom, boom…), the Renault-engined machine blasts out of no mans land and onto Austin’s pristine city streets.
Following several burnouts, Coulthard shoots down a barren motorway toward the incomplete Circuit of the Americas, where he takes the Red Bull for a high-speed jaunt around the dust-laden track.
According to this video, there is a lot of sand and dry ground in Austin, Texas.

If nothing else, it is an interesting little piece, but little more than PR fluff – the kind of thing that Red Bull get very, very right.
It is conceivable that David may well have been advised to try and avoid the 6-foot high mounds of dirt that line the corners on his lap – it is unlikely that Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber will have similar issues come next November.

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