Robert Kubica stories…

Last weekend, stories began to emerge from Italy regarding Robert Kubica’s future Formula 1 possibilities.

Most seemed to centre on Kubica using the Ferrari simulator around June, before taking to the wheel of the F10 – the machine that nearly took Fernando Alonso to his third world title.
Tellingly, the reports were filled with phrases like “aiming”, “may”, “could”, “possibly” and “potentially” (etc), rendering the news an empty non-story.

It also says much that the original story contained no quotes from any one, let alone anyone close to either Kubica or Ferrari. The English language version of the story also appears to have been fed through Google Translate and a microwave several times, leading to bastardised versions appearing across the web.
Indeed, one would have to work very hard to write a more non-committal piece than those that have been spread around the internet in recent days.

Realistically, it is approaching one year since Kubica’s horror crash. That he has only lately started driving an automatic-shifting car is an indication in itself as to how far he is from returning to Formula 1… if he ever returns and from here (afar), that simply does not look realistic.
Like everyone else, I would love to see Robert Kubica back in Formula 1, but sadly, his return may be nothing more than a lot of wishful thinking.

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