Uhrhane, rain, the media and Ostberg

What a nice day to be inside, eh? From my vantage point, surrounded by dull cream walls and painless grey cupboards, the sun can be seen – just.

I was even outside earlier, baking in the sprawling sunlight, while the heavy city air seems at ease to peruse my lungs, weaving ably through the tissue and fibre. If one summons the energy, the words “oh golly” might be heard. Might.

Recently, there are scare stories in the newspapers about a possible snowy onslaught. Fair enough, should snow arrive, it will be an inconvenience, but one is rarely frightened by weather.
I most certainly hope any potential weather fronts disturb the opening round of the British Formula 3 Series – which starts this Friday at Oulton Park. While it might improve the action at a circuit notoriously difficult for overtaking, but it would be rather depressing start to the Easter holidays.

Doubtful that Geoff Uhrhane will want poor weather. The Australian has just signed a deal to race with Double R Racing for this weekend; however Uhrhane missed all pre-season testing, although he had a limited test with a European F3 Open team recently.
The ex-Formula Ford GB racer will get a single outing at Pembrey, before going straight to Oulton Park for the opening weekend – this will be a truly daunting task for Uhrhane. The only thing the 20-year-old will want is steady mileage.
Meanwhile, the car count for the opening British F3 round is now fourteen. Recently, there have been many posts regarding the cracks within junior formulae lately; it’s something I’ve been meaning to finish off, but announcements regarding Formula 3 engines for 2013 onwards are currently pending, so one will hold off for now.
Suffice to say; what I have heard recently from a very solid source is quite interesting indeed.

Getting back to the weather, some rather more reasoned (and trustworthy) forecasters are predicted rain for a short time – tomorrow at least. Annoying as that may be, it’s only rain – and to be frankly honest, Britain has enjoyed a very mild winter with precious little of the wet stuff. A few droplets will only be beneficial.

In saying that, tabloids love scare stories. The Daily Mail Online did not become the UK’s most active news site in 2011 by being centred and realistic. Sad, but unfortunately true – if you piss off enough people, they will come to your site to complain, and then spread the word to others who will also visit to complain.
It may be worth pointing out that some advertisers rarely see the complaints, they just see the big numbers and in tough times, big numbers sell. Although I have yet to decide if the Daily Mail is better or worse than a number of sites that posted April Fools’ pranks as actually news – the mind boggles, but only sometimes.

For now, one must spare a thought for Mads Ostberg. The Norwegian took his first WRC win yesterday at the Rally Portugal when Citroen works driver Mikko Hirvonen was disqualified for a minor technical infringement.
While naturally happy to see the Ford privateer finally get that victory he craved for, all competitors wish to celebrate in the open after taking the flag first. To be declared a winner due to a technicality hours after the event when everyone has packed off home, is something of a damp squid by comparison.

Meanwhile, today will be spent working away, while Radio Le Mans’ podcasts of the opening round of the European Le Mans Series sound off in the background.

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