“Thoughts on Michael Schumacher”

Around this time yesterday, it was reported that seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher suffered severe head injuries while skiing.

While out with his son, Schumacher fell and hit his (helmeted) head against a stone or a rock in the snow.

In the past twenty-four hours or so, news and updates have swirled and been regurgitated, while the non-experts spew half understood releases for the sake of some quick numbers.

Alas, modern life. One had probably best look for non-sensationalist material to trust – a tough task admittedly.

This happens because Schumacher – and others like him – are big names and big characters, even after the encore has finished they have left the main stage. Their presence carries weight of personality and baggage and Schumacher was no different.

I have complete respect for his achievements in Formula One, but success in sport pales into insignificance when compared values brought to real life. None of the former means anything.
All of those trophies, titles, victories – and losses – are ultimately deemed irrelevant; because when it all comes down to it Michael Schumacher is most importantly a chap with a wife and two children.
He is also a son, a brother and uncle – a loved one. Everything else is merely a footnote.

I can only hope he recovers soon. My thoughts and best wishes to Schumacher and his family –- and my thoughts too for the five people who died in the Alps in recent days.

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