“More Nonsense from the Grapevine”

Another story that has been doing the rounds in recent days follows the apparent eviction from hotels of families of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, MH370, by Formula One teams.

Again this is nonsense, but unlike the Caterham F1 / GP2 story posted earlier this evening, the news regarding the families of the missing Malaysian plane is tragic.

How the story has been treated is truly crass and cruel.

With little information about the missing plane left to mangle or twist, the mainstream media decided upon an angle that showcased F1 teams and media booting out grieving families.

The truth is that these bookings were made a very long time ago and that the families have been moved to another hotel while the search for the plane continues.
The moving of the families was most likely done at the behest if Malaysia Airlines and their hotelier partners.

That it was the Formula One circus showing merely offered an insensitive media corp an opportunity to lay further kicks into a sport that has taken much criticism in recent times.
There is no story here; merely crass opportunism.


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