“Mercedes – Another Box Ticked”

The finish line at the Circuit de Monte Carlo in Monaco.

For Nico Rosberg, it’s another line crossed, another box ticked, another victory in the principality and the championship lead.

In a season that is becoming oh-so-fascinating, the brooding psychological warfare at Mercedes has seen the battle front shift once again.

Where verbal jabs and nicks were once the game, the tempo has shifted and the pendulum has once again swung toward Rosberg.

On the other side of the garage, the jibes from Lewis Hamilton are becoming more pointed, more deliberate. Once again FOM have played a marvellous game and their talent of plucking just the right radio message or quote to get the media talking is doing much to stir the pot, especially when it comes to the UK media.
That Hamilton’s body language reads that of an unhappy and seething star merely pours more fuel onto the fire.

Soon though, it may go beyond just the teammates. As the season develops, it will also become a game of secrets and war amongst the two Mercedes engineering crews, with each side attempting to outwit the other.

When the get to Canada, Hamilton may well retake the head, but Rosberg comes across as the more confident of the pair — for now.

That Niki Lauda is urging the fight onwards is sweet. That Rosberg and Hamilton are performing superbly week-in, week-out makes it gold.

The finish line at Monaco. © Leigh O'Gorman
The finish line at Monaco. © Leigh O’Gorman

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