“Formula Gulf 1000 obtains ‘National Championship’ approval”

Formula Gulf 1000 is closing in on its 4th season. © Formula Gulf 1000 / Mo7arekat
Formula Gulf 1000 is closing in on its 4th season. © Formula Gulf 1000 / Mo7arekat

The Formula Gulf 1000 Series has been awarded ‘National Championship’ status by the FIA and ATCUAE (UAE motorsport’s body).

Since last season, the series allowed drivers as young 15-years-old to compete in the series, but only under the condition that they had strong backgrounds in karting.

Licences are also dependent on passing several safety procedures and a circuit racing assessment.

ATCUAE handed out two such licences last year, one of which was delivered to the eventual 2013-14 Formula Gulf 1000 champion, Tom Bale.

The National Championship classification comes following the series’ declaration that two inner-competition classes will be formed: ‘Championship Class’ for 15-24-years-old and the ‘Masters Class’ for drivers of 25-years and older.

Also, further support from the series’ technical partners, Gulf Oil International, has ensured the season budget has been reduced by AED 50,000 (£8,020) to approximately AED 226,000 (£36,250).

Training sessions for this year’s competition are continuing throughout June, with two young regional racers taking to the track at Dubai Autodrome over June 23rd and 24th in order to garner the necessary qualifications.
The lead-in will also see the youngsters take to the series’ FG11 simulator for several sessions, as they prepare for the on track activities.

Earlier this month, Kenya’s Tejas Hirani completed 200km of running at the Dubai Autodrome. Part of the test was designed to analyse how both driver and car would perform in the 40°C heat that can be common in many Gulf States.

The new classification of the series also brings Formula Gulf 1000 a step closer to be recognised as a potential candidate for FIA Formula 4 status.
Last month, series organisers announced their push to increase the power output of the FG11 cars to 160bhp, in order to bring it in line with FIA F4 regulations.

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