“Domenicali: Formula 2 is the next logical step”

New Single Seater Commission President, Stefano Domenicali, has reaffirmed the FIA’s position that Formula 2 should be the next logical step between Formula 3 and Formula 1. Domenicali took over the position from Gerhard Berger at the end of last year and had made initial moves to the reformation of the F2 category when the new Superlicence points table was unveiled in January.

“Berger Steps Aside from FIA”

Former McLaren and Ferrari Formula One driver Gerhard Berger will step down from his position as President of the FIA Single-Seater Commission at the end of the year. The Austrian took the position toward the end of 2011, but it was believed that the placement was only to last one year. Berger, whose primary industry … Continue reading “Berger Steps Aside from FIA”