“FIA introduce Formula 4”

At the latest meeting of the World Motorsport Council in Paris today, the Single-Seater Commission announced Formula 4, a new FIA class.

Aimed at ASNs, Formula 4 has been designed to act as an entry-level category, which should, in principal, slot between karting and Formula 3.

With standardised technical and sporting regulations, it is hoped Formula 4 can act as a universal category for those in the early stages of their car racing careers.

Should numerous ASNs and markets adopt the FIA F4 regulations, it would create a standardised entry-level for karting graduates.
It could also go some way to removing or relegating several independent or manufacturer-backed championships to insignificance. Those categories immediately in the opposing line are Formula Abarth and the 2.0-litre Formula Renault classes, including the Northern European Cup and ALPS.

The Formula 4 class was originally muted by the FIA in 2011; however it was quietly shelved while the Single-Seater Commission focused on reconfiguring Formula 3.
In the time since, Jonathan Palmer’s Motorsport Vision have launched a BRDC-backed Formula 4 series for the UK. It is, however, unknown if the BRDC F4 series shares technical regulations with its FIA counterpart.

FIA Formula 4 is set to launch next year. One senses some sniping may develop amongst the chaps at the lower rungs of the ladder. Let’s wait and see…

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