“Numbers on a Screen”

© Leigh O'Gorman
© Leigh O’Gorman

I have always believed that there can be a point when one becomes so wealthy, their worth ceases to be money.

Rather than wealth that can be measured by context, the super rich merely possess numbers on a screen – albeit lots of zeroes…

When one is worth billions of Dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling or otherwise, is one’s money even real anymore?

If nothing else, the power to turn heads persists, as the Stroll family displayed in Imola last weekend. Present to celebrate Lance Stroll’s victory in the FIA Italian F4 Championship, the Stroll’s attended the season finalé, despite the teenage Lance’s inability to race due to a rib injury.

While that is no surprise, what was quite eye-opening was the size of Stroll’s private motorhome at the back of the paddock. Easily coming to approximately half the size of a current Formula One motorhome for its European season, the Stroll motorhome represented an excess that even had seasoned F3 people turning their heads.

At a rumoured cost of just over €4m, a few HGV’s delivered the unit, which took staff some three days to construct. Such is the enormity of the motorhome, it measure almost twice the size as many of the F3 trucks and awnings in the FIA F3 paddock. It really was quite an incredible sight for a driver who, let’s not forget, is only emerging from Formula 4.

Whether the Stroll’s will be able to cart the motorhome into the somewhat busier DTM paddocks next year when Lance is in F3 is unknown for now.
But it would be fun to see them try to bring that monster machine to Pau…

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