“GP3 Series: Zamparelli tops crash affected practice”

Dino Zamparelli headed the opening GP3 Series practice session at Spa-Francorchamps this evening.

The Briton led an ART Grand Prix 1-2-3, proving quicker than teammates Marvin Kirchhöfer and Alex Fontana.

The top spot was initially a contest between Zamparelli and Red Bull junior Alex Lynn; however the points leader Lynn was soon jumped in the timings by Kirchhöfer and Fontana.

Lynn would eventually take 4th ahead of Carlin teammate Emil Bernstorff, while Jenzer’s Matheo Tuscher rounded out the top-six.

Trident arrived at the session with a completely new line-up, consisting of Konstantin Tereschenko, John Bryant-Meisner and Luca Ghiotto.
Tereschenko did cause some notoriety on his GP3 debut when he crashed spectacularly at the Bus Stop chicane. The Russian lost control of his Trident machine on the approach into the final corner, sending him toward the crash before clumping the kerb which pitched the 20-year-old into a violent series of barrel-rolls and then a final collision with the tyre barrier.
Despite a brief fire when the oil line split, Tereschenko emerged from the wreck with no injuries.

There was also red flags for offs for Santiago Urrutia and Ryan Cullen, the latter of which ended the session prematurely.

2014 GP3 Series of Round of Belgium (Rd 6, Free Practice)
Pos  Driver                  Team      Time       Gap      
 1.  Dino Zamparelli         ART       2m07.021s           
 2.  Marvin Kirchhofer       ART       2m07.372s  +0.351s  
 3.  Alex Fontana            ART       2m07.392s  +0.371s  
 4.  Alex Lynn               Carlin    2m07.437s  +0.416s  
 5.  Emil Bernstorff         Carlin    2m07.696s  +0.675s  
 6.  Matheo Tuscher          Jenzer    2m08.035s  +1.014s  
 7.  Nick Yelloly            Status    2m08.232s  +1.211s  
 8.  Jimmy Eriksson          Koiranen  2m08.271s  +1.250s  
 9.  Richie Stanaway         Status    2m08.341s  +1.320s  
10.  Patrick Kujala          Marussia  2m08.374s  +1.353s  
11.  Pal Varhaug             Jenzer    2m08.495s  +1.474s  
12.  Riccardo Agostini       Hilmer    2m08.648s  +1.627s  
13.  Luca Ghiotto            Trident   2m08.674s  +1.653s  
14.  Luis sa Silva           Carlin    2m08.791s  +1.770s  
15.  Santiago Urrutia        Koiranen  2m08.826s  +1.805s  
16.  Nelson Mason            Hilmer    2m08.861s  +1.840s  
17.  Jann Mardenborough      Arden     2m08.918s  +1.897s  
18.  Patric Niederhauser     Arden     2m09.627s  +2.606s  
19.  Ryan Cullen             Marussia  2m09.843s  +2.822s  
20.  Kevin Ceccon            Jenzer    2m10.228s  +3.207s  
21.  John Bryan-Meisner      Trident   2m11.488s  +4.467s  
22.  Konstantin Tereschenko  Trident   2m12.027s  +5.006s  
23.  Alfonso Celis           Status    2m12.213s  +5.192s  
24.  Robert Visoiu           Arden     2m12.241s  +5.220s  
25.  Sebastian Balthasar     Hilmer    2m12.754s  +5.733s  
26.  Carmen Jorda            Koiranen  2m14.456s  +7.435s  
27.  Dean Stoneman           Marussia  2m18.487s  +11.466s

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