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“Taking it Public”

February 18, 2015

Public spats are rarely pretty things. Occasionally they will generate headlines and stories, with commentary built on allegations, insinuations and open ended mud-slinging.

This evening delivered a rather special example of this when Caterham F1’s former technical director Mark Smith shot a rather public aside across the bows of the team’s departed owner Tony Fernandes.

During a series of tweets where Fernandes lauded the performance of his investments which are apparently worth “about one billion in cash” (no currency denoted), Smith – who was dropped by Caterham last May – responded with “How about paying the 3 years remaining on my contract then Tony? A small amount by comparison.”

In the grand scheme of things, it is not a significant story. Smith is one of many members of the Caterham team who are chasing allegedly unpaid wages, but he is one of the few who – quite suddenly – broke out publicly in this matter.

One cannot help but get the impression that Smith is a rather frustrated character in all of this, but irrespective, it is still probably not the most desirable or professional way to have gone about the subject in what is a very public arena.

Whether Fernandes responds…



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  1. peters permalink

    Mark Smith’s actions seem quite reasonable to me.
    That former owner pats himself on the back rather a lot – looking closer a person surely no-one would want to aspire too?

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