“Dignified Online? Oh, Come Now, we are Not Children”

The tight battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for the 2021 Formula One World Championship is growing in intensity and with it, the heat builds among rivals. But the animosity between the fanbase overshadows even the rivalry. There is little doubt that the promoters of Formula One, Liberty Media, are rubbing their hands with … Continue reading “Dignified Online? Oh, Come Now, we are Not Children”

“Psychology in Motor Racing and the Need for a Mental Toolkit”

The global focus and expansion of motorsport and the pressures that it brings are leading competitors to talk more about mental health in the sport. And yet, it is still seen as a taboo in many areas. In an excerpt of a conclusion from a study soon to appear in World in Motorsport, Leigh O’Gorman … Continue reading “Psychology in Motor Racing and the Need for a Mental Toolkit”

“Rich Men Dine on Cognac, While Children Die. But This is Not War”

It only takes one minor slip to end it all, after which silence caresses and thoughtful mourning begins. Again and again and again. One of the common tropes that always crops up when those in racing are killed or suffer injury is the same old mantra of "motor racing is dangerous, it says so on … Continue reading “Rich Men Dine on Cognac, While Children Die. But This is Not War”

“Thoughts on Naomi Osaka, Motor Racing and Sport’s Relationship with the Media Machine”

There is a living in hell in press conferences. It is probably that a great many people don’t really want to be in them at all. It is the pointlessly repetitive nature of it all. The empty lame duck questions that question nothing and answer even less. The open-ended queries that are so vague, so … Continue reading “Thoughts on Naomi Osaka, Motor Racing and Sport’s Relationship with the Media Machine”

“Yuki Tsunoda and The Art of Calm, Patience and Experience”

Yuki Tsunoda’s post-qualifying outburst during this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix earned him no favours with his AlphaTauri team. If the Japanese rookie is to lift himself out of his current dip, he may need to call on elements he does not have in his personnel possession – particularly calm and experience. This is where his team needs to come in.

“Is Nikita Mazepin Good Enough for F1? Well, That’s Complicated…”

Few drivers have courted as much controversy on their promotion to Formula One as Nikita Mazepin. The Haas racer debuted in F1 with a desperately poor personal reputation, but does this correlate with his on-track analysis? The answer is rather complicated. Even beyond that, questions are raised, such as, "When is any driver good enough … Continue reading “Is Nikita Mazepin Good Enough for F1? Well, That’s Complicated…”

“Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton Expand Diversity Foundation”

Reigning Formula One world champions Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have agreed to expand their joint commitment to improving the representation of minority ethnic groups in UK motorsport. This expanded commitment is due to take the form of a joint charitable foundation, which is designed to support wider diversity in motorsport and nurture talent that would … Continue reading “Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton Expand Diversity Foundation”

“Finding Interest Amidst the Dust”

January is both an interesting and infuriating time to be a motorsport writer. On one hand, the lack of action and the continued slow drip feed on news means there is often precious little to report or discuss. It goes some way to understanding why so many publications publish retrospective copy, list-articles, predictive pieces and … Continue reading “Finding Interest Amidst the Dust”

“Conor Daly: The best part about Indycar right now is that we put on a great show.”

Conor Daly has spent much of his Indycar career securing temporary drives and moving from team-to-team where needs met. World in Motorsport spoke with Daly during a fast-paced season that saw him switch back-and-forth between two squads, secure his first Indycar pole and several top ten’s in his first full season in the sport since … Continue reading “Conor Daly: The best part about Indycar right now is that we put on a great show.”

“George Russell: The Art of Winning – In Spite of Losing”

George Russell may not have won the Sakhir Grand Prix on Sunday, but his efforts in replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes may have formerly confirmed his potential. It may have also gone a great distance to settling his driver from 2022 onward. “Very quick, very tidy. Great potential.” As the 2015 European Formula 3 season … Continue reading “George Russell: The Art of Winning – In Spite of Losing”

“Coming Soon – World in Motorsport: Volume 2”

Some of TheMotorsportArchive.com’s more eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a couple of new buttons at the top of the site’s drop-down options, including “cart”, “checkout”, “my account” and “shop”. These have been included to take into account the release of World in Motorsport: Volume 2, which is looking like going on sale next month.

“A Grand Portimão Cop-Out”

Of the drivers competing at this weekend's Portuguese Grand Prix, Lance Stroll, Antonio Giovinazzi, Charles Leclerc, George Russell and Alex Albon all raced there in F3 in early September 2015. Yet despite the nods to it in various record books and websites, none of the above group managed to race on the Grand Prix layout … Continue reading “A Grand Portimão Cop-Out”

“The First Time”

Just over twenty years ago, I attended my first Grand Prix as a fan with my Dad and some family friends. Although a long-time home viewer, to actually go to a Grand Prix was, until then, a luxury beyond me. A rare precious trip and at the age of 18 and a first break broad, the sheer size of the event grabbed my attention with both hands.

“F1: The More You Do, The More You Understand, The More You See – Grosjean”

Throughout his career, Romain Grosjean has proved an enigmatic racer, whose profile has been dominated incidents intertwined with undoubted speed. Recently World in Motorsport spoke to the Haas driver about the moments that have defined his career and how mind management has allowed him to keep his feet on the ground.

“Motorsport Diaries, Ep 12 – Super Formula at Okayama”

With the 2nd round of the 2020 Super Formula Championship from Okayama completed, I recorded some thoughts about events surrounding the race. Also, I looked over the rule changes introduced at this round, included mandated tyre stops and also took a moment to consider the future of Red Bull junior driver Juri Vips.

“Super Formula: Tsukakoshi to replaces Calderón for Okayama”

Super Formula veteran Koudai Tsukakoshi is to replace Tatiana Calderón at Drago Racing for this weekend’s Super Formula round at Okayama. With only four days until drivers are required to sign-on at Okayama, Calderón will not have time to sufficiently quarantine in order to take part in the event, allowing Tsukakoshi to claim his 82nd start in the series.

“Super Formula: Race changes ahead for Okayama”

Following a tepid season opener at Motegi just over two weeks ago, it has been revealed that Super Formula are altering the race format for round 2 at Okayama. Like the Motegi round, the Okayama event will enjoy two practice sessions through Saturday (Sept 26th), with qualifying and the race both continuing on Sunday (Sept 27th). However, the race length has been extended from 168km to just under 189km (a maximum run time of 75 minutes in a two-hour window), with the race taking in 51 laps and falling some 60km short of a full-length Super Formula race.