Flavio Briatore’s Ban Overturned

It would appear that the lifetime FIA-motorsports ban of former-Renault boss, Flavio Briatore, has been overturned. His ban was initiated following Nelson Piquet Jr's deliberate crash during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, which led to team leader Fernando Alonso jumping from 15th place to 1st position when the safety car emerged - from there, Alonso … Continue reading Flavio Briatore’s Ban Overturned

Looking at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

Congratulations to Fernando Alonso upon winning the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix - Formula 1's first ever night race. In finishing ahead of Nico Rosberg (2nd, Williams), Lewis Hamilton (3rd, McLaren) and Timo Glock (4th, Toyota) he became the seventh different winner of a Grand Prix this season in what is, quite frankly, a dreadful car. … Continue reading Looking at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

“The Arrival of Sebastian Vettel”

Today saw Sebastian Vettel become the youngest ever Formula 1 Grand Prix winner. The 21-year-old Beck look-a-like-ish took the victory at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza a few minutes ago with a controlled drive from the very beginning. Great race. Stunning drive. Perfect, absolutely perfect.  10 out of 10.

“Formula 1 Shoots Itself (Again…)”

Yesterday afternoon, Formula 1 managed to do the impossible and kill itself in public again. Three hours after one of the most exciting races of the season and the race stewards decided to hand Lewis Hamilton a 25-second penalty that demoted him to third place and awarded the race to Felipe Massa - Hamilton's direct … Continue reading “Formula 1 Shoots Itself (Again…)”

“IRL: Wrecks in Richmond”

This evening I watched possible the most disjointed broken up motor race that I have witnessed in quite a long time - it's not often that I shout at the TV, but tonight at the IRL Grand Prix of Richmond, there was some seriously amateurish driving on display. In the spirit (if not the words) … Continue reading “IRL: Wrecks in Richmond”

Lost Weekends and Irrelevant Posts

After a night like Saturday, there's nothing quite like a throbbing hangover mixed in with oppressive heat and wheezing engines. Yes, the only time in the last 15 years that I've missed a Grand Prix was when I was in hospital unconscious (Spanish Grand Prix, May 1997 - I still haven't seen it) and no … Continue reading Lost Weekends and Irrelevant Posts

Super Aguri exit Formula 1

On Tuesday May 6th, Aguri Suzuki finally had enough - he finally gave up the ghost of a Formula 1 team. After two-and-a-half being propped up by Honda, Super Aguri have decided to opt out of the formula. Following a main sponsor defaulting late in 2007, this year was always going to be a struggle … Continue reading Super Aguri exit Formula 1