Lost Weekends and Irrelevant Posts

After a night like Saturday, there’s nothing quite like a throbbing hangover mixed in with oppressive heat and wheezing engines. Yes, the only time in the last 15 years that I’ve missed a Grand Prix was when I was in hospital unconscious (Spanish Grand Prix, May 1997 – I still haven’t seen it) and no way in hell was I going to let some shitty little hangover get in the way of this one. Ohhh, but the engines… the engines…….

Come lap 30 I was face down in couch groaning, but still paying attention to what was going down and I must say it was quite enjoyable. Following on from that, I cooked the perfect Sunday hangover cure – there’s nowt like a perfectly cooked roast to settle the belly and calm the ails topped off by a river of tea – fantastic!! Oh and before I forget – yes, it is true that Georgina Moffat is incredibly sexy, but I really hope she doesn’t get a Doctor Who spin-off. She’s a good actress, but “chirpy” up for it characters are boring fuckers.

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