Feeding the Feeders

The recently revived Formula 2 Series today revealed plans for rewarding drivers that finish 2nd and 3rd in the Championship from 2011 onward.

While the eventual winner of the Formula 2 title – as run by Motorsport Vision – earns a test with the Williams Formula 1 team at the end of year rookie sessions, the next two drivers in the standings will now pick up tests with GP2 squads during their winter running. Indeed, both Dean Stoneman and Joylon Palmer did rather well in the respective Formula 1 and GP2 tests of late.
As much as a test with a GP2 team may indeed be a valued prize, it does seem odd that an F2 Championship that was originally touted as rival to GP2 could potentially end up feeding that very series.

An issue that the Formula 2 Championship has faced since its rebirth has been the loss of some of its competitors to either similar or lower formulae.
Following the 2009 season, Mikhail Aleshin moved to World Series by Renault, while Mirko Bortolotti, Tomas Hegewald and Robert Wickens transferred to GP3. Several drivers also left for Auto GP and Alex Brundle joined the British Formula 3 Championship, although he may be returning to Formula 2 for the 2011 run.

These moves have given the impression of a compromised reputation, but it does beg an important question.
A number of people believe they know where Formula 2 sits in the grand scheme of things, but where do Motorsport Vision believe Formula 2 stands? Does it see itself as a Formula 1 feeder or as yet another avenue to the likes of GP2, GP3 or World Series by Renault?
To be truly successful in the future, Motorsport Vision may need to position itself better in order to reflect that …or maybe it has done just that?

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